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Connecting people with food at rush hour

Carry-Out App for the 
1 hour lunch break

Lunch Hour

The stress of eating lunch in only one hour

Work is a big part of our life and our biggest source of income. For the average person who works 40 hours a week, almost 1/3 of his life is spent working. That is why it is so important the quality of our lunch break; because at the end of the day it not only affects how productive we are at work, it affects our overall quality of life. 

Taking a break, even for 15 to 20 minutes, is a proven way to sustain concentration and energy levels throughout the day. Driving to a restaurant, waiting to be seated, ordering food, waiting for the food, EATING, waiting for the ticket, paying the ticket, and driving back to work is almost impossible to do in only one hour. The amount of stress that goes into complying with the one hour lunch break, beat the most important purpose of the break that is, well, actually taking a break. 

Carry-Out App for the 
1 hour lunch break


Eliminate waiting time at order lines, drive-thru, and restaurants.

Have multiple restaurant menus options at your fingertips and select the plates that best fit your eating desires. 

Control your weekly budget on food consumption. 

Eliminate the stress of ordering food at lunch hour and enjoy your break. 

How those it work?


for food within your budget, location and food desires.

Order and Pay

your preferred food with up to one week in advance.

Pick Up 

your food without waiting at any order lines.


Filter your menu options

View plate options according to your budget, location and food taste. Forget about eating always in the same place or being constrain about time and budget. 

Schedule ahead your weekly meals

Don't wait until the last minute to decide what and where to eat. Select with as much as a week in advance your meals. Once scheduled, just pick your food and enjoy.

Receive Awards

Get award points every time you go to a location and receive at the end of the month discounts an prices on your favorite restaurants. 

Control your budget 

Establish a  weekly budget for eating out at lunch break and receive notifications if you're exceeding it. 

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